Thursday, June 30, 2005

Removed intake muffler

The theory is that it is restrictive in the upper RPMs. The side effects of swapping out this part is that it is supposed to make the turbo and BOV slightly louder. Still undecided that this true - it is just barely louder, if it is at all. The model in these pics is my dog Deco (named for DEnver,CO)... Cost of mod = $35, time of mod = 1/2 hr.

There is some speculation on the message boards that this mod might alter the turbulence that was originally in the intake. This is complete and utter crap. The reason that people are concerned is believing that the final tuning at Subaru was done with this restriction/turbulence in place... but the error in this thought is that this piece is upstream of the air filter - so, sorry on this rumor/theory... a paper filter will control the turbulence at the MAF.


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