Sunday, July 10, 2005

Switches in ashtray

Okay, so I needed a way to #1 have USB port available in front of vehicle, #2 provide a way to shut off screen and #3 provide a way to keep the CPU running while the key is OFF. (this is just the construction of the panel, wiring will show up later)

Above and below is the stock ashtray, pretty much worthless to me - so I decided to "reclaim" it. The pic below shows the slot with the ashtray insert removed.

Here's the panel test fitting (above), below is the piece out of the unit. I used 1/4" ABS stock sheet that is available at any local plastic specialty shop. I think I paid $2 for a square foot.

Above is the test fit with the USB port installed. I "hijacked" the USB port from an expansion card that would typically be used in a PCI slot - it is not a PCI card, but it has two cables that connect to the motherboard pin headers for extra USB slots - I will be wiring this up with a standard USB plug on the other end which will then be plugged into my USB Hub behind the dash. (Wiring diagram will come later)

Here's the finished product. Piece is held in place by a set screw for two reasons - #1 to keep it from moving and #2 to NOT destroy the dash piece - putting the stock ashtray back in the slot will cover the set screws hole.


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